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Why We Love Making Small Batch Collections

Why We Love Making Small Batch Collections

There really is something about the integrity of designing a new collection with several goals in mind. I personally strive to source the highest quality materials and hardware that I think and know will last a long period of time, if not forever if well taken care of.

I choose to use as many natural, eco-friendly, up-cycled materials as possible, with intention that if they should ever end up in the landfill, that they would biodegrade naturally as best and as easily as possible.

The excitement of revealing a new collection for a season is both a bit nerve-wracking and rewarding all at the same time. Always hard knowing what customers will love, and will appreciate regardless of how much work may have been put into it. Designing small batch collections enables me to purchase and source some materials that are either factory remnants, thrifted fabrics, naturally eco-friendly sourced, or a blend of all of the above. 

Designing into a small batch collection makes things feel much more customized, and personalized by myself as well. I put a ton of time into product research, product development, pattern design, raw material sourcing, photography, etc. It all gets melded into such a beautiful outcome of a vision that runs through my imagination.

I love to bring this more exclusive feeling to my customers, and I truly hope that they can appreciate and love where these items stem from, and ultimately become a part of their own lives. I continually make strives to improve products, through elements of design, and paying close attention to detail.

Pros to Small Batch Production

  • much more sustainable compared to large scale production
  • much less raw material waste
  • far less energy use for water and electricity
  • way less environmental pollution, due to not shipping overseas for example
  • small batch often means handmade, made by real people, not machines
  • results in limited quantities of each piece, and are items that take precious time and care to make
  • insight, and direct contact with hired partnerships, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions
  • supporting our local economy within a creative community

We just really love, and support making our small batch collections, and products and can't wait to show you what is coming up next! We truly hope that you will love everything just as much as we do!

Exciting things to reveal, oh so soon! :) 

Much Ruff <3