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Handsome Mountain

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  • Custom Monogram
  • Custom Monogram
  • Custom Monogram

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Custom Engraving & Monograms!

Ever wanted to include your dogs names on his collar and/or leash?!

Well - we've got 'Spot' & his phone number covered if you need it!

We know first hand how easy it is to lose those aluminum dog name tags (commonly purchased at your local pet stores) when spending the day down at the dog beach or running through the trails in the mountains on a hike - so why not just make it permanent?! 

Most importantly, in case your furry friend gets lost or loses his/her beautiful Handsome Mountain Leash or Collar somehow - hopefully the kind human that finds them will have all the info they need to get them back to you safe and sound!

 This is done by hand, so it is not always going to be perfect, but rather more 'organic' and with character. We happen to like it like that best ;)


Please choose from the drop down menu one of the following options:

  • One Name Engraved Only
  • One Name & Phone #
  • Two Names Engraved (first + last, or nickname)
  • If you're wondering why there's no option for two names + a #, it is simply because it would likely not fit - sorry!
    You will need to enter your desired dog or cats name and phone number in the COMMENTS area when checking out - don't forget! ;D

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